Hog roast catering prices

How much does a hog roast cost UK?

Spit roasted free-range hog with the best crispy crackling, served in rolls with:Cost for up to 80 guestsCost for up to 200 guestsAs described above.£675£1025As above but excluding: Salads and coleslaw’s£600£850

How many does a hog roast feed?

120 people

How many people will a 70 lb pig feed?

If you answered YES to all of these questions then The Pig Roast Guys recommend that you figure approximately 1.5 lbs of pig for each person that will be eating pig.

How big of a Pig do I need?50 – 60 Guests70 – 75 lb Pig60 – 70 Guests80 – 85 lb Pig70 – 80 Guests85 – 95 lb Pig80 – 90 Guests95 – 105 lb Pig

How much does it cost to hire a spit?

CostsSpit hire animal threaded onto pole set up onsite ready to light on-call advice as required$220.00Spit delivery and collection**Monday to SaturdayUp to 10 km away: Up to 15 km away: Up to 20 km away: Over 20 km away by arrangement: Delivery prior to 7.00 am:$60.00 $70.00 80.00 TBC $50.00Cooking meatsest: $180-$330

How long does it take to cook a hog roast?

Quickly grilled pork leads to burnt skin and dried out meat. Cook slowly over the fire pit on the rotisserie at lower temperatures (around 250 degrees or so at the surface of your roast is ideal). Whole hogs can take from 4 to 24 hours to cook completely depending on their size and the cooking temperature.

What do you serve at a hog roast?

Extras and Sides to accompany your Hog Roast

  • Butcher’s sausages. Delicious sausages from our butcher, mixed herbs and spices a secret award winning recipe. …
  • Chips. Chunky home cut chips made from Maris Piper potatoes. …
  • Sage and onion stuffing. £30 with a spitroast. …
  • Pesto Pasta. …
  • Tomato Pasta. …
  • Couscous. …
  • Coleslaw. …
  • Potato Salad.
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How many people will a 40 lb pig feed?

Rule of thumb, ,in a larger pig[100 lbs +]about,one lb/person. Thus ,a 40 lb pig,might feed 40, not heavy diners. Of course it will depend on your sides and bread.

How big of a pig Do I need to feed 100 people?

Average size pigs are generally around 50 kilos in weight. These pigs will feed 100 people on to large plates or 120 people on to disposable crockery.

How much meat do you get from a 100 pound pig?

live weight hog will dress approximately 72%, thus 180 pounds of carcass. That 180 pound carcass will yield approximately 65% in retail cuts, thus approximately 120 pounds of “take home” meat.

How big of a pig Do I need to feed 50 people?

This is the number of pounds of dressed hog carcass you will purchase from the butcher. For 50 people you will need 50 x 1.5 or 75 pounds.

What is the best size pig to roast?

To estimate cooking time, allow 1 hour per 10 pounds of pork. The ideal size pig for a pig roast weighs between 120 & 150 lbs. Use about 30 lbs.

How long does it take to cook a 75 pound pig?

Weight of PigCharcoalEstimated Cooking Time with Closed Lid75 lbs60 lbs6 to 7 hours100 lbs.70 lbs7 to 8 hours125 lbs.80 lbs.8 to 9 hours

How many people will a 20kg pig feed?

How many guests will a whole pig feed? Our pigs range from 15kg to 40kg. A 15 kg pig feeds about 25 people, a 25kg pig feeds about 50 people, a 30kg pig feeds about 60, a 35kg pig about 70. You can order more than one pig, for example for 80 people we recommend two 20kg pigs.

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Why is it called a spit braai?

A spit braai is a term derived from South African slang – its a method of cooking meat on a lamb spit rotisserie machine. The meat is slow cooked and constantly basted with flavour until is it perfectly cooked and ready to eat.

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