Ihop catering prices

How much does it cost to eat at IHOP?

IHOP Menu PricesFoodPriceCountry Fried Steak & Eggs$7.99Top Sirloin Steak & Eggs$10.99Classic CombosThree Eggs & Pancakes$6.99

How much is a 2x2x2 at IHOP?

$4.99 2x2x2 with All You Can Eat Pancakes available Monday-Friday at participating restaurants. No substitutions.

What is the 55 Plus menu at IHOP?

One egg* your way, 1 bacon strip, 1 pork sausage link, 1 thick-cut piece of ham, hash browns & 1 buttermilk pancake.

Which is better IHOP or Denny’s?

A couple of thousand calories and some mild heartburn later, I had a clear answer. It turns out IHOP is better than Denny’s in every single way. The competition isn’t even close.

Are refills free at IHOP?

Great Pancakes & free coffee refills.

Is IHOP giving free pancakes today?

– IHOP is giving away free pancakes on Tuesday for National Pancake Day. Participating restaurants are giving away free short stacks of buttermilk pancakes on Feb. 25. … Today is National Pancake Day!

What is the cheapest thing at IHOP?

11 Cheap IHOP Menu Items That Give the Most Bang for Your Buck

  • Tuxedo Pancake Combo. PIN IT. …
  • Crepe Combo. Cost: $8.99. …
  • Breakfast Sampler. Cost: $9.39. …
  • Split Decision Breakfast. Cost: $8.59. …
  • Simple & Fit 2-Egg Breakfast. Cost: $6.99. …
  • Smokehouse Combo. Cost: $9.49. …
  • Denver Omelette Burger. Cost: $9.99. …
  • Fruit Crepe. Cost: $4.99.

How do you get free pancakes at IHOP?

Just sign up to be an IHOP MyHop member and you’ll score a coupon for a FREE full stack of any IHOP pancakes on your birthday and on every anniversary of signing up! In addition, you’ll also get a coupon for a FREE stack of pancakes when you first sign up!

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Do you eat free at IHOP on your birthday?

IHOP is the go-to place for pancakes, of course. … Join MyHop @ IHOP (International House of Pancakes) for FREE! As a member you will get a FREE meal for your Birthday (EVERY YEAR), another FREE meal for signing up and another FREE meal on your one year anniversary of signing up for MyHop.

What day is Senior Day at IHOP?

IHOP is not fine dining, but they have great pancakes and waffles, along with a good selection of breakfast,items and yes–lunch and dinner entrees. However, their best attribute is that they offer a 50% discount on the entire meal for seniors from 2 pm to 9 pm every Wednesday!

Does IHOP still have senior discounts?

Some IHOP have a “Senior Special” where you buy one meal off the senior menu and get one free from 3pm – 6pm. Age requirement, 55+. Most locations will offer a 10% discount and may also provide a senior menu with smaller portions and discounted prices. Some locations may offer a half price dinner one night a week.

Does IHOP offer senior citizen discount?

IHOP. Whether you love IHOP for the stacks of pancakes, surprisingly good burgers or something else, people 55+ can always ask to have a 10 percent senior discount applied to your bill. IHOP also offers a special senior menu with lower prices.

Does IHOP use real eggs?

Ask for real eggs in your omelet or when you want scrambled eggs. It’s true — IHOP uses powdered or liquid eggs to make scrambled eggs and omelets. But if you ask for real eggs, they’ll be happy to make your meal that way instead for no extra charge.

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Is Denny’s cheaper than IHOP?

Dennys is cheaper but quality of food at Ihop is better. IHOP. Denny’s has a more varied menu, but their pancakes can bounce off the ground.

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