Jim n nicks catering birmingham

How much is Jim N Nicks catering?

Jim N Nicks Catering MenuJim ‘N Nick’s Catering MenuJim N Nicks Catering PricesSmoked MeatsClassic Pulled Pork$13.50Pork Hot Links$12.50Pulled Chicken$14.50Ещё 36 строк2 мая 2019 г.

Does Jim N Nicks take reservations?

Review of Jim ‘N Nick’s Bar B Q. Make a reservation and get there early!

Does Jim N Nicks have a bar?

11 answers

Yes they have a bar! over a year ago. … Yes, they had a full bar somewhat set aside from the restaurant area, but all in the same building.

How many Jim N Nicks are there?

Today, with 34 restaurants in 7 states, Jim ‘N Nick’s Bar-B-Q has become a Southern institution. Local owners are taught the recipes and techniques, which they then pass on to the cooks and pitmasters in each location.

Is Jim N Nicks gluten free?

Review. Very good food! All the meats are gluten free, several GF side options with dedicated fryer for fresh cut french fries.

Who owns Jim N Nick’s?

Roark Capital

Who owns Jim N Nicks BBQ?

Roark Capital Group

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