King taco catering prices

How much is King Taco Catering?

SERVICE TIME: If you would like us to stay past the 2 hours of service, the cost is $300.00 per 30-minute intervals. ADDITIONAL MEAT CHOICES: If you would like to add additional meat options, each selection after the third meat choice is $2.00 per guest. ADDITIONAL SERVERS: $120.00 per server.

How much is a taco guy?

PRICES60-65 Guests$52070-75 Guests$58085-90 Guests$625100-105 Guests$699110-115 Guests$750

Is El Taurino owned by King Taco?

Turns out, El Taurino is owned by the same folks as King Taco, and it shows. At first glance, El Taurino has a leg or two up on its more well-known sibling taqueria.

How much do you tip a Taco caterer?

Average tips are usually 10%-20% of the total amount. Unless otherwise stated, provides 2 hours of serving time. Set up/Cooking time is not included. Left over rice and beans may be kept; you may keep a small portion of meat off the grill if you provide Tupperware.

How much is a taco stand for a party?

Taco truck – $10-$18 per person with a rental minimum of about $900-$1,200.

How much do Taqueros make?

The average salary for a Taquero/a is $14.23 per hour in the United States.

Is King Taco Only in California?

King Taco is a fast food restaurant chain based in Los Angeles, California, serving soft tacos, burritos, sopes, tamales, nachos, and authentic Mexican drinks such as horchata, jamaica, and tamarindo. Some locations also serve rotisserie chicken. King Taco has its headquarters in Los Angeles.

Is King Taco a franchise?

It is very much confirmed that king Taco offers franchise to the public, but the mode of acquiring this franchise was not made public.

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Are you supposed to tip the caterer?

At a minimum, you should plan on tipping 15 percent of your total bill. Typically, a gratuity for a caterer will fall in the range of 15 to 18 percent. Some customers choose to hand out individual tips to servers and chefs. Although prices vary, it is usual to tip $50 to $100 for chefs and $25 to $50 per server.

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