Lee’s chicken catering prices

How much is Lee’s Chicken?

Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken PricesFoodSizePriceLeg, Thigh & Wing – Meal3 Pc.$6.59Breast, Thigh & Leg – Snack3 Pc.$5.99Breast, Thigh & Leg – Meal3 Pc.$7.59Breast – Snack$3.69

How much is Lee’s Buffet?

Lee’s Buffet MenuBarbecued Pork$4.95Fried Calamari$8.50Fried Chicken Wings (8)$4.95Fried Shrimp (12)$5.50Fried Wonton (10)$2.95

How much fried chicken should I order per person?

As a start, here is a basic guide to catering serving sizes per person: Proteins like pulled pork or brisket: 4-5 ounces per person. Fried chicken or similar dishes: 3 pieces per person.

How much fried chicken do I need for 50 people?

How to use this food quantity chart:Food TypeApproximate Amount for 50 ServingsServing Size Per PersonBeef or Pork Ribs25-40 lbs1 pound cookedPork Chops17 lbs1 chop 3/4″ ThickChicken, pieces with bone-in18-20 lbs1-2 piecesChicken, boneless, skinless, cut-up for casserole, soup, stew etc.16-18 lbs3 ounces

Does Lee’s Famous Recipe have fish?

Review of Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken. Lee’s chicken is one if the better place to get fried chicken and it just got even better. They now have catfish on the menu that I tried today and it was absolutely delicious.

How many Lee’s Chicken are there?

Lee’s has seen great success over the past 50 years and today we have 135 locations in 12 states, and a number of international locations.

Does Lee’s chicken have shrimp?

Review of Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken.

Is Lee’s Chicken open on Christmas?

Most Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken Locations are CLOSED on these holidays: Christmas Day.

How much chicken do I need to feed 150 people?

You can buy (wholesale) small Halal birds around 3 pounds each or you can buy commercial whole birds dressed out around 4 pounds each. So, AFTER you know the weights of the birds you can do this: 4 pound bird feeds 4, 3 pound bird feeds 3. 150 divided by 3 is 50, 150 divided by 4 is 38 or so….

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How much chicken do I need to feed 40 people?

You’ll want to make sure everyone has enough to eat at the party. It’s simple to figure how much meat you’ll need.

Meat Math Chart.MeatChicken – bone-inPer Person1 to 2 pieces 1/2 lb.4 People2 lb.12 People6 lb.40 People20 lb.Ещё 5 столбцов

How many pieces of chicken do I need for a party of 30?

Some people will eat more or less than expected, a few guests might not show up, or someone might even bring an extra person or two.

Food for Dinner Parties.FoodWhole chicken10-204 (4-pound)20-306 (4-pound)30-408 (4-pound)40-5010 (4-pound)Ещё 12 столбцов

How many rolls do you need for 50 people?

Share:FOODSERVE 25SERVE 50Nuts¾ pound1–½ poundsOlives½ pound1 poundPickles½ quart1 quartRolls50100

How much fried chicken do I need for 25 people?

Cooking For Crowds For DummiesEntreePer PersonCrowd of 25Chicken, turkey, or duck (boneless)1/2 pound13 poundsChicken or turkey (with bones)3/4 to 1 pound19 poundsChili, stew, stroganoff, and other chopped meats5 to 6 ounces8 poundsGround beef1/2 pound13 pounds

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