Slim chickens catering prices

Are Slim Chickens good?

The white meat in the tenders was nice and juicy, and we loved all the dipping sauces – particular a cayenne Ranch that had a subtle kick. The fries at Slim Chickens also are good and served as hot as the chicken, with a crispy exterior and soft potato innards.

How many Slim Chickens restaurants are there?

82 locations

Does Slim Chickens serve beer?

They do serve beer. Pretty good wings in sort of a fast-food format.

Is Slim Chickens halal?

Please note if you have an allergy: sorry but we’re unable to cater for allergies on orders placed through deliveroo. However, we can cater for allergy/ dietary requirements at our restaurants so please come and eat in with us instead. Please note that our chicken is halal.

Is Slim Chickens better than canes?

The chicken finger meals are a lot better and more filling than at Canes. You can order more than 3 chicken fingers, they give you more than one piece of toast and have a list of sauces to pick. … The price of the meals are more than at Canes, though, so if you’re on a budget, Slim Chickens really isn’t for you.

Where did Slim Chickens originate?

The first Slim Chickens opened in Fayetteville, Arkansas, in 2003 and the second followed two years later in Rogers, Arkansas.

What does Slim Chickens serve?

Menu – Slim Chickens. Served with Texas toast, fries & a medium drink. Or swap your fries for any side. Served with Texas toast, fries & a medium drink.

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What happened to Slim Chickens?

Slim Chickens closed its last Arizona location June 26, according to a note from the Maricopa County Environmental Services Department on the door. Now is the chance to help your local community succeed.

Where is slim chickens located?


Are Slim Chickens salads?

New Fresh Strawberry Grilled Chicken Salad | Slim Chickens.

What is slim chickens sauce?

Slim Sauce is an institution—a super secret sauce with herb tomato flavors and a hint of pepper. A Slim Chickens classic with a smooth kick.

Is Slim Chickens fast food?

Description: Slim Chickens is a fast-casual restaurant chain which specializes in chicken tenders and wings. Order online and we’ll take care of the rest with safe, limited contact curbside pickup.

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