Catering sandwiches ideas

Is it cheaper to make your own sandwich platter?

Many Superbowl parties I’ve attended over the years involve party trays ordered from grocery stores. … What I found is that you can save around 34-37% of the cost by making your own fruit and vegetable trays. However, the cost savings on a cold cuts tray by making your own is not that much (8.4%).

What are the 5 types of sandwiches?

  • Open or Open-Faced. Open sandwiches use one kind of bread and have the filling on top. …
  • Plain. A plain sandwich is made up of two slices of bread that are sometimes toasted. …
  • Pinwheel. …
  • Closed Tea. …
  • Ribbon. …
  • Mosaic or Checkerboard.

What goes with sandwiches at a party?

Which Side Dishes to Serve With Sandwiches?

  • Hummus veggie sandwich with couscous.
  • Barbecued chicken breast sandwich with potato salad.
  • Turkey sandwich with baked sweet potato fries.
  • BBQ pulled pork sandwiches with baked beans.
  • Hot ham and cheese sandwiches with cole slaw.
  • Grilled portabello mushroom sandwiches with bean salad.
  • Reuben sandwich with fruit salad.

Can I make party sandwiches the night before?

Easy! Ideally, you should aim to make your sandwiches as close to the day of your party as possible for the best flavor and freshness. I recommend making your sandwiches no more than 48hrs in advance for the best flavor come party time. So there you have it!

What bread is best for tea sandwiches?

What is the best bread to use for tea sandwiches? Most of the fillings call for a soft white bread, while stronger flavors like smoked salmon pair nicely with a stronger bread like pumpernickel. Whole wheat bread is perfectly acceptable but the main thing is to use fresh bread, nothing approaching stale.

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How much is a sandwich tray at Walmart?

Walmart Catering Menu pricesSliders Tray Small 12″$14.00Sandwich Tray Medium 16″$32.00Sandwich Tray Large 18″$42.00Sub Sandwich 2ft.$18.00Sub Sandwich 4ft.$28.00

How do you make a deli sandwich platter?

How to build a Classic Sandwich Platter-

  1. Start out by adding your favorite condiments into ramekins (or small serving bowls). We used mayonnaise, mustard, and our favorite Chipotle Mayo. …
  2. Add the bread and sliced deli meats around the platter.
  3. Finish the board by adding the toppings.

What do you put on a deli platter?


  1. 10 slices deli ham.
  2. 10 slices deli turkey.
  3. 10 slices deli roast beef.
  4. 8 slices Cheddar cheese.
  5. 8 slices Swiss cheese.
  6. Green leaf lettuce for garnish.

What are the basic kinds of sandwiches?

Major types of sandwich include:

  • Two slices of bread with other ingredients between.
  • Two halves of a baguette or roll with other ingredients between.
  • Club sandwich.
  • Hero, hoagie, or submarine sandwich.
  • Open-faced sandwich.
  • Pocket sandwich.

What are the 4 basic elements of a sandwich?

There are four elements to a Good Sandwich:

  • The Bread – This is key. …
  • The Spread – Here we’re talking mayo and mustard, or if you’re feeling fancy, pesto or red pepper spread. …
  • The Main Ingredient – This is the main focus of the sandwich and what is providing the real sustenance.

What are the most popular sandwich fillings?

Top 10 most popular sandwich fillings for everyday occasions:

  • Cheese.
  • Ham and cheese.
  • Ham salad.
  • Sausage.
  • Cheese and onion.
  • Egg mayonnaise.
  • Tuna mayo.
  • Chicken salad.

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What else goes with tea sandwiches?

What Food to Serve at Your Tea Party?

  • Cucumber and herbed cream cheese (see below recipe)
  • Radishes and herbed cream cheese (see below recipe)
  • Strawberries and cream cheese topped with fresh mint.
  • Egg salad on pumpernickel.
  • Curry Chicken Salad on wheat.
  • Smoked salmon and cream cheese topped with fresh dill.
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Can you make finger sandwiches the night before?

The sandwich fillings can usually be prepped a day or two before. Assemble the sandwiches the night before and cover with wax paper then a damp paper towel in an airtight container in the refrigerator. This will keep the sandwiches fresh overnight without drying out the bread.

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