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Why did Party Down get Cancelled?

Party Down was cancelled after two seasons due to poor ratings, although the show received critical praise. Another contributing factor to the show’s untimely end was losing two of its main actors Adam Scott and Jane Lynch, when they departed to work on Parks & Recreation and Glee, respectively.

Did Jane Lynch leave party down?

Jane Lynch (Constance) left the show near the end of the first season because of a contractual obligation to Glee, but Megan Mullally joined the cast in the second season as Lydia. Each episode focuses on a different party and catering gig, with hijinks always ensuing.

Who created party down?

Party DownCreated byJohn Enbom Rob Thomas Dan Etheridge Paul RuddDirected byFred Savage Bryan Gordon David Wain Ken MarinoStarringAdam Scott Ken Marino Jane Lynch Ryan Hansen Martin Starr Lizzy Caplan Jennifer Coolidge Megan MullallyCountry of originUnited States

Are we having fun yet Adam Scott?

“Party Down” may go down as the most beloved unwatched series in history. … A recurring theme on the show was the mocking of lead Adam Scott, who played a former actor only remembered for the beer-commercial catchphrase “ARE WE HAVING FUN YET?!”

What channel was party down on?


When did party down south start?

January 16, 2014

When did party down start?

March 20, 2009

How many seasons does Party Down have?


Is party down on Netflix?

Party Down – (2009) – Netflix

A group of actors move to LA to make it big, but end up working as caterers.

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How many episodes of Party Down are there?


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