Catering bar setup

How do I stock a bar for a party of 50?

For a party of 50 guests, that translates to between 12 and 13 dozen beers, 9 dozen mixers and 20 bottles of wine. You can add two bottles of cordial (orange and lime are generally the most popular), a bottle of bitters, and some fruit juice options to diversify the choices without adding too much stock.

What do you need to start a mobile bar?

So you may be wondering…. “How to start a mobile alcohol truck?” Well, the basics you will need to start a mobile bar are, a truck or mobile bar, cold storage, glassware, a Temporary Events Notice, a Personal Alcohol License and a good drinks list.

How do you stock a bar for 100 guests?

Full bar – Beer, wine and liquor:

  1. 100 (guests) x 5 (hours) = 500 drinks.
  2. 500 x 0.33 = 170 beers or 7 cases of beer or one ½ barrel sized keg.
  3. 500 x 0.33 = 150 glasses of wine, /5 glasses per bottle= 37 bottles of wine.
  4. 500 x 0.33 = 150 mixed drinks, /39 servings per 1.75 bottle = four 1.75ml bottles liquor.

What do you do at a stock the bar party?

There are two main approaches to stock-the-bar events. One suggests the hosts supply all of the glassware and accessories needed to host parties in which wine and spirits will be served, and the guests bring two bottles each, one to stock the bar and another to be used at the party.

What does every home bar need?

Here’s Everything You Need to Build Your First Home Bar

  • Rocks Glasses. Paris on the Rocks 9.5 oz Glasses (Set of 6) …
  • Collins Glasses. Buswell 12 oz Collins Glasses (Set of 6) …
  • Coupe Glasses. Leopold 6 oz Coupe Glasses (Set of 6) …
  • A Mixing Glass. Japanese-Style 750 ml Mixing Glass. …
  • A Bar Spoon. …
  • A Shaker. …
  • A Strainer. …
  • Jiggers.
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What mixers should I have in my bar?


  • Club soda.
  • Tonic water.
  • Cola.
  • Sprite or 7-up.
  • Ginger ale.
  • Orange juice.
  • Cranberry juice.
  • Tomato juice.

What does a full bar consist of?

Full-bar definitions

(US) Serving liquor, not only beer and wine (of a bar or restaurant). (catering) Provisioned with standard liquors (vodka, gin, whisky, rum, tequila), together with mixers, but of a middle (inoffensive but inexpensive) grade.

Do cocktail bars make money?

The average gross profit margin for a bar is between 70 and 80%. The average net profit margin for a bar is between 10 and 15%. The gross profit margin is the difference between total restaurant sales revenue and cost of goods sold (COGS).

What is a freelance bartender?

Freelance Bartenders are self-employed workers responsible for serving bar and restaurant clients.

How many bartenders do you need for 75 guests?

The rule of thumb is that there should be 1 bartender for every 75 wedding guests for a beer and wine reception. If you have a full bar and/or a formal wedding, we recommend 1 bartender for every 50 wedding guests.

How many mixers are needed for a 100 person party?

TipsMixer Stock for a Full Bar10–24 Guests60–100 GuestsDiet Cola3 Two-Liters4 Two-LitersLemon-Lime Soda2 Two-Liters4 Two-LitersTonic2 Two-Liters3 Two-Liters

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