Costa vida catering prices

How much does Costa Vida cost?

Costa Vida PricesFoodPriceBurrito (Sweet Pork)$7.89Burrito (Shredded Beef)$7.89Burrito (Grilled Chicken)$7.89Burrito (Raspberry Chipotle Chicken)$8.89

Does Costa Vida cater?

Costa Vida delivers the ordered food for a minimum of 25 orders of more. If your group consists of 50 or more people, you should also consider the services of a Costa Vida Catering expert who will set up, serve, and take away the serving items.

What is vegan at Costa Vida?

Serves meat, vegan options available. The salsas are vegan suitable as are the non-grilled tortillas, black and pinto beans, vinaigrette and mango dressings, tortilla soup, guacamole. …

Can you order Costa Vida online?

There’s no line online.

Order Now for VIP Pick Up in store.

Does Costa Vida have shredded chicken?

Costa Vida Shredded Chicken has all of the flavor of your favorite Mexican Grill, but super easy to make at home with just a few ingredeints.

Which sauce is mild at Costa Vida?

Choose a Tortilla: Flour, Corn. Choose a sauce: Red Enchilada Sauce (Hot, Meat Based) Roasted Green Chile Sauce (Medium, Meat Based) Tomatillo Cilantro Sauce (Mild, Vegetable Based).

Does Costa Vida have Taco Tuesday?

Description: Laid-back counter-serve Mexican chain with Baja-style tacos & burritos plus gluten-free options. Ultimate fresh mex made your way – exactly as you love it! Taco Tuesday! I go every tuesday!

What is on a Costa Vida salad?

Rice, Chicken, Shredded Cheese, Pico, Guacamole, Strips, Cotija Cheese. DAILY SPECIALS VARY BY LOCATION.

Does Costa Vida have Queso?

Light Entrees Menu

House fried tortilla chips drizzled with Costa’s custom queso and perfectly layered with fresh beans, salsa & protein on every bite. Filled with meat, cheese, lettuce and pico de gallo.

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How many calories is a Costa Vida salad?

645 calories

How many calories are in a Costa Vida sweet pork salad?

1437 calories

How many calories are in a Costa Vida tortilla?

We love making our food your way!+ ALLERGEN FILTER Dairy Gluten MSG Nuts Soy Sugar VegetarianCalories (kcal)Fat (g)Flour Tortilla, 12″ (1 each)478.8715.49Whole Wheat Tortilla, 12″ (1 each)459.4616.15Select Rice & BeansBlack Beans, 3 oz78.960.38

Where is Costa Vida based?

Cabo San Lucas

Where did Costa Vida originate?

Layton, Utah, United States

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