Halal catering singapore

Is Neo Garden Catering halal?

Neo Garden Catering is not Halal-certified. It is possible to change some menu items after booking but it may incur additional cost.

Is Rasel catering Halal?

Established in 1997, Rasel Catering Singapore Pte Ltd has worked its way to become a renowned food caterer with a focus on sustainability. Being a certified halal catering vendor in Singapore, you can be assured that the food is suitable for all your Muslim friends and colleagues. …

Is Neo Group halal?

NEO Group’s wholly owned subsidiary Deli Hub Catering has received a suspension of its Halal certification until April 30, 2016, the restaurant and catering company announced on Friday after the market closed. … The company said it is not able to definitively assess the financial impact of the suspension at the moment.

Is Orange Clove halal certified?

Orange Clove is Halal-Certified since our establishment in 2008, to be an inclusive business entity that services the Muslim community at the same time.

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