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How much is an earmuff at Moe’s?

The Earmuff burrito bowl costs around $8.00, and has a variety of choices of meat such as chicken, beef, or tofu for vegetarians. Other menu options include the Ruprict Vegetarian Nachos for an average $7.00, or The Funk Meister Tacos for $3.00, coming with your choice of chicken, tofu, or steak.

Which is cheaper Moe’s or Chipotle?

So, as far as food quality goes, Chipotle and Moe’s are tied for first. In terms of prices, the average cost of a burrito or bowl at Chipotle is the cheapest. A burrito or bowl is the most expensive at Qdoba, and a burrito or bowl at Moe’s is cheaper than Qdoba but more expensive than Chipotle.

What’s the healthiest thing to eat at Moe’s?

Best: Whole grain tortilla with steak, pinto beans, quinoa, diced onions, jalapenos, cilantro, pico de gallo and shredded lettuce. “Go for the whole grain tortilla and more fresh veggies to reduce calories, increase fiber and add nutrition,” Cecere says.

What do they serve at Moe’s?

Think of all the flavor that comes packed in our Classic Homewrecker, then double it.

  • Meal Kits.
  • burritos. All Burritos.
  • bowls.
  • stacks™
  • Quesadillas. All Quesadillas.
  • tacos.
  • nachos.
  • salads.

Is Moes expensive?

Moe’s prices are competitive with other fast casual restaurants, however, they are more expensive than other Mexican-style restaurants. One possibility for that is because Moe’s tends to have many more ingredients to choose from than other restaurants. For more information about Moe’s, visit their official website.

Is Moe’s Queso good?

“Moe’s queso is everything it should be — cheesy, silky, with a nice fiery kick at the end. There’s nothing gloppy about it,” one reviewer wrote. Even with a fresh jalapeño flavor, the creamy cheese flavor still comes through.

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How healthy is Moe’s?


There are no microwaves, freezers, trans fats, or MSG at Moe’s. The chicken is cage-free and steroid-free, the pork is grain-fed, the steak is grass-fed, and the tofu is organic.

Is Guac free at Moe’s?

Guac doesn’t cost extra on a Homewrecker, just sayin’. We put burritos from Chipotle, Taco Bell and other chains to the test. Fast-Food Face Off: Which Chain Makes The Best Burrito?

What is the difference between a homewrecker and a Joey Bag of Donuts?

What is the difference between homewrecker and Joey Bag of Donuts? The only difference between the two is the homewrecker comes with guacomole and is about 70 cents more than the Joey. Moes has a pretty cool fan club, they send me offers almost every other week.

What is Keto friendly at Moe’s?

Start yourself off with your choice of ground beef, fish, pork, steak, or chicken, add some fresh lettuce, grilled peppers and onions mushrooms, sour cream, shredded cheese, pico de gallo and cilantro. Full of keto ingredients and not stuff you don’t want.

How many calories are in a Moe’s Homewrecker?

Homewrecker Burrito 775-855 calories. Homewrecker Burrto Meal Comes with 22oz drink and a side of queso or guac. Adds 55-555 calories.

What can I eat at Moe’s on Weight Watchers?

WEIGHT WATCHERS POINTS FOR MOE’S SOUTHWEST GRILLITEMPOINTSPointsPlusBurrito: Joey Junior – Chicken, Whole Grain TortillaCal=450, Fat=14, Carbs=54, Fib=9, Prot=26Taco: The Funk Meister – Chicken, Soft Tortilla79Cal=350, Fat=12, Carbs=38, Fib=6, Prot=25Taco: The Funk Meister – Tofu, Soft Tortilla79

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Is Moe’s doing free delivery?

Free delivery on all orders, of $10 or more, purchased through the Moe’s app and website from now until April 10.

How long is Moe’s Queso good for?

3-4 days

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