Qdoba catering rewards

How do I redeem Qdoba catering points?

Catering points can be redeemed on our website only by signing into your account at https://www.qdoba.com/sign-in. Simply sign in, click ‘Manage Rewards’, select the ‘Catering Rewards’ tab, then click on ‘Redeem Points.

How many qdoba points do I need for a free entree?

1,000 points

What does Qdoba Catering include?

If you are looking for individual meals at Qdoba, then you can view the regular Qdoba menu prices here. Qdoba catering menu consists of their Hot Bars, which allows each guest to create their own tacos, nachos, or burritos. They also offer box lunches which are pre-packaged for each guest.

Does qdoba give free chips?

At Qdoba, opt for the “nachos – with the chips on the side”. You’ll receive a regular sized burrito bowl to fill with whatever you want, plus a big bag of lime tortilla chips on the side for free.

Does qdoba give you your birthday?

What does Qdoba do for your birthday? The restaurant sends you a coupon for a FREE Cookie when you sign up for Qdoba Rewards. The birthday coupon can be redeemed during the entire month of your birthday. … Enjoy the nachos, burritos, and tacos you love for FREE, just for being a loyal Qdoba customer.

How do I claim my Qdoba rewards?

How to Redeem Rewards on the QDOBA Rewards Mobile App

  1. Log into the app, start your order, and be sure to add the item that corresponds to the reward you want to use to your cart. …
  2. On the “Shopping Cart” screen, select “Apply Rewards” to see all of your available rewards.
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What can you get with Qdoba points?

Qdoba Catering Rewards

  • Discounts: 1,000 points = $50 (redeemed in $50 increments)
  • Free Entree: 100 points = 1 free entree (100 points minimum)
  • Visa Gift Cards: 1,000 catering points = $50 (1,000 points minimum)

How do I activate my Qdoba gift card?

Call Qdoba at 1-888-378-9029.

Does qdoba have online ordering?

Flavor Delivered

We’re all about delicious Mexican eats, wherever and whenever you want it. Order online for fast pickup, get it delivered, or cater your next meal.

How expensive is Qdoba?

Qdoba PricesFoodPriceQueso Burrito (Grilled Steak or Shredded Beef)$8.40Queso Burrito (Ground Beef)$7.80Queso Burrito (Pork)$8.40Mexican Gumbo (Grilled Chicken or Vegetarian)$7.80

How much does it cost to cater from Chipotle?

It doesn’t appear you can place orders for catering online. The company asks you give them 24 hours’ notice. The meal options cost between $8.20 and $13.50 per person. Chips and salsa cost as little as $2 per person.

Does Qdoba catering come with plates?

Each Hot Bar order comes complete with chafing rack sets and steam pans, fuel to keep your food warm, plates, forks and napkins. However, we do not provide these items if you order a la carté or boxed lunches.

Does guac cost extra at Qdoba?

Next time you order guacamole on your burrito at Qdoba Mexican Grill, there’s one thing you won’t get: dinged. One of its most popular “extras,” which previously cost customers $1.19 to $1.50 per serving when ordered with a burrito, taco or quesadilla, guacamole will now be free, effective Oct.

Does qdoba give free guac?

As you may have guessed by now, Qdoba does offer guacamole free of charge every day, so if you miss Chipotle’s promotion on National Avocado Day and are fed up with handing over extra green for the green stuff, it’s a viable alternative.

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