Shoprite catering coupons

How do I get ShopRite coupons?

To download digital coupons to a Price Plus® Club card on or via your mobile device, you’ll need to first set up an account on You can also load digital coupons to your Price Plus® Club card via an in-store kiosk. Visit your store’s courtesy desk for details.

How can I get free delivery from ShopRite?

ShopRite Free Shipping Policy

The ShopRite from Home grocery delivery service is FREE when you spend $100 or more.

How much does ShopRite home delivery cost?

ShopRite charges a $5 service fee for finding and packing groceries. Curbside pickup includes a $5.95 fee, and deliveries include a $6.95 fee (orders over $150 are free).

How do I use ShopRite home delivery coupons?

Here’s how digital couponing works with the ShopRite app:

  1. Tap “Digital Coupons” on the homescreen.
  2. Tap a product you want (like batteries)
  3. Clip the coupon by tapping “Load Digital Coupon”
  4. Look at “Participating Products” below the coupon and tap “Add to Cart”
  5. Tap “Done” at the top right of the screen.

Does ShopRite do double coupons?

2. Take Advantage of ShopRite’s Double Coupon Policy. All coupons $0.99 and under are doubled at ShopRite stores. Most ShopRite stores fully double which means that a $0.75 coupon will double to $1.50.

Can you combine ShopRite digital coupons with manufacturer’s coupons?

ShopRite’s online digital eCoupons are manufacturer coupons. In turn, the stacking of two manufacture coupons is prohibited by the terms & conditions stated on those coupons. You will not be able to combine a ShopRite digital eCoupon with a paper manufacturer coupon. Read more about ShopRite’s Digital Coupons here.

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How do I order groceries from ShopRite?

Reserve a Timeslot

  1. Click on the “Reserve a Timeslot” link at the top right of the page.
  2. Select Pickup or Delivery (if the store offers both options).
  3. Click “Reserve” on desired date & time from the available schedule. …
  4. Click “Continue Shopping” to being adding items to your cart or begin the checkout process.

How does ShopRite curbside pickup work?

When your pickup time arrives, the process is a breeze. Drive to your chosen store, park in the designated ShopRite from Home pickup area, and wait. Within minutes, a ShopRite employee appears at your car window to confirm your name, collect payment due, and wheel over your ready-to-go bags of groceries.

How much does ShopRite pickup cost?

ShopRite usually charges a $10 service fee, so you’ll pay that even if you opt to pick up your groceries at the store. But among the perks that come with the pickup cost is a designated pickup area by the store’s entrance, so you have groceries loaded into your car quickly and hassle-free.

How much does Peapod cost?

What does the service cost?Order SizeFee*$100 and up$6.95$75 to $100$7.95$30 to $75$9.95

Which grocery stores have curbside pickup?

You Can Get Curbside Grocery Pickup At These 11 Stores

  • Alberstons. The grocery company, which owns stores like Acme, Vons, and Jewel Osco, offers free curbside pick-up in select locations in as little as three hours of checking out. …
  • Aldi. …
  • BJ’s. …
  • Harris Teeter. …
  • Kroger. …
  • Publix. …
  • Sam’s Club. …
  • Target.

Can I use EBT for ShopRite from home?

ShopRite participates in the USDA’s Online Purchasing Pilot and allows those with EBT to purchase food online.

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Do you tip target drive up?

Target has no official policy on tipping, when it comes to Drive Up, and tipping is not integrated into the Target app.

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