Texas roadhouse catering menu prices

Does Texas Roadhouse have a catering menu?

Texas Roadhouse catering offers an array of delicious and hot meals offered in platters and party packages. All their catering packages come with complete set of utensils and everything you need in serving your meals.

How much are Texas Roadhouse family packs?

Family Value Pack, dinners-for-four, start at $19.99 and include a choice of entrée, a large salad, four side dishes, fresh baked rolls and honey cinnamon butter.

Does Texas Roadhouse have family meals?

Right now at Texas Roadhouse, you can purchase a curbside-to-go family meal starting at $19.99. One example is the Mini-Cheeseburger meal available at select locations; it comes with 10 mini-cheeseburgers, a salad (house or caesar), fresh-baked bread and a choice of 4 sides.

How much is an average meal at Texas Roadhouse?

Texas Roadhouse Menu PricesFoodPriceRibeye 10oz with Grilled Shrimp$20.99Ribeye 10oz with Ribs$21.99Grilled BBQ Chicken with Sirloin 6oz$17.99Grilled BBQ Chicken with Ribs$16.99

Does Texas Roadhouse have a lunch menu?

Grilled BBQ Chicken & Sirloin 6oz. Chicken Critters & Sirloin 6 oz.

Texas Roadhouse Lunch Menu.Grilled Chicken Salad$10.99Salmon Caesar Salad$12.99Chicken Critter Salad$10.99Steakhouse Filet Salad$14.49House Salad$3.99

Does Texas Roadhouse take reservations for large parties?

No. We do not take reservations but we do have call-ahead. Call us about 1 hour before you wish to come in and we can place your party on our actual wait list at the time. While it’s not a guarantee of when you will sit down, it is a way to have your name on the list and reduce your wait time in the restaurant.

What is the best meal at Texas Roadhouse?

The Best & Worst Menu Items at Texas Roadhouse

  • Worst: Beef Tips.
  • Best: Single Grilled Pork Chop.
  • Worst: Fish and Chips with Steak Fries.
  • Best: Grilled Salmon (5 ounces)
  • Worst: Smokehouse Burger.
  • Best: Mushroom Jack Chicken Sandwich.
  • Worst: Loaded Baked Potato.
  • Best: Sautéed Mushrooms.
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Is Texas Roadhouse still offering Family Pack?

Visit Texas Roadhouse where they are offering Family Meal Packs available for Carryout when you Order Online. Family Value Pack, dinners-for-four, start at ONLY $19.99 and include a choice of entree, a large salad, four side dishes, freshly baked rolls, and honey cinnamon butter.

Can you buy raw steaks from Texas Roadhouse?

Amid grocery store shortages, restaurants have been selling groceries and other food items for customers to cook at home. Ready-to-grill steaks will include ribeye, strips, sirloin and filet. …

What fast food has family meals?

Best Fast Food Family Meals

  • Popeyes – Family Bundles.
  • McDonald’s – 50-Piece Chicken McNuggets.
  • Texas Roadhouse – Family Pack.
  • Wendy’s – Feed the Fam Deals.
  • Pizza Hut – Dinner Box.
  • Burger King – $12.99 Family Bundle.
  • Bucket Meal – KFC.
  • Chick-Fil-A – Family Meals.

Is Texas Roadhouse open on New Years Day?

Texas Roadhouse is OPEN on New Year’s Eve 2019 and New Year’s Day 2020. The fast food chain will not be altering its regularly scheduled hours of business, so customers will be able to go and enjoy a steak to ring in the New Year.

What does Roadhouse mean?

A roadhouse (Australia and the United States) or stopping house (Canada) is a small mixed-use premises typically built on or near a major road in a sparsely populated area or an isolated desert region that services the passing travellers, providing food, drinks, accommodation, fuel and parking spaces to the guests and …

Does Texas Roadhouse have senior discount?

Texas Roadhouse does not offer a senior discount, customer service representatives said.

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Is Outback cheaper than Texas Roadhouse?

“If you were going to compare Outback to Texas Roadhouse, the first big difference is the price. Customers can expect to spend $9.99 on a early dining special or $14 to $15 on an entree. At Outback, customers will likely pay $20 or more.”

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