White fence farm catering

Is White Fence Farm closing in Romeoville?

ROMEOVILLE, IL — After three generations in the restaurant business, the Hastert family has no plans to quit. … “It has come to our attention that a restaurant called White Fence Farm in Lakewood, CO is closing their doors,” the village said on Facebook.

Does White Fence Farm take reservations?

The restaurant has multiple rooms for dining, so we do not make reservations unless we have a big group. over a year ago. No reservations are needed. … They must have at least five or seven rooms which open or close depending on the crowd.

How does White Fence Farm cook their chicken?

The Family Secret

The key to the signature flavor is the cooking method. After breading, the chicken goes into an industrial pressure cooker, which bakes it thoroughly before it even enters the oil. As soon as an order comes in, the chicken is flash-fried for 2 to 3 minutes, resulting in a crispy, golden-brown skin.

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